Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan 3

1800 College Avenue

There is a house on College Avenue in Regina that is nearing the one-century mark. Through the years, this architectural Arts and Crafts-style beauty has been home to at least two Regina families, not to mention a number of businesses. It’s also rumored to be the haunt of at least one ghost. The McKillop residence, as it is historically known, is currently the location of a business called The Computer Clinic. In an earlier incarnation, when the building was home to Magellan’s Global Coffee House, it knew its greatest fame as a local haunt.

For years there were stories of a female figure seen roaming the second floor at times when the house was said to be vacant. But, until Magellan’s moved in, this ghost didn’t have much else to do. It was the sudden arrival of staff and coffee-loving patrons that truly brought this spirit — in a manner of speaking — to life. Some people would hear a woman’s voice singing on the second floor when they knew that there wasn’t anyone upstairs. Others reported seeing the image of a woman, ever so briefly, before they locked the doors at night. There were subtle signs of the spirit’s presence, including an unusual sensation of warmth and the tantalizing aroma of pancakes. But there were other encounters that were decidedly less subtle, including some that left staff completely unnerved.