Regina's most famous haunts

Article by Ashley Martin
The Carillon

Telling ghost stories has been a favourite pastime for generations. People find fun in scaring themselves and others, especially around Halloween. While it may be entertaining to scare, we have to wonder about the origins of the stories. Some may be purely fictional, but most are based on truth to some degree.

People have no idea what happens after death. The afterlife is a debated subject in all age groups. Is death simply the end of it all, or is there something more?

Many people claim to have experienced unnatural phenomena. Some firmly believe that a supernatural presence haunts their house or workplace.

In Regina there are many aged buildings that are rumoured to be haunted. Some of the people affiliated with these places openly admit to being haunted, but others disagree with their colleagues and totally deny the rumour.

Five Regina and area businesses that admit to their supernaturalism are Danbry’s Contemporary Cuisine, the Moose Head Inn in Kenosee, Bartleby’s/Bart’s on Broad, Government House and 1800 College Avenue (formerly Magellan’s Global Coffee House).

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