Everyone can see ghosts

the Computer Clinic - 1800 College Avenue

This is Robyn Carissa’s busy season.

While the Regina woman keeps busy throughout the year helping others find ghosts or talk with dead relatives, Halloween tends to kick-start thoughts of people and places with a paranormal theme, she said.

“I work every day. But things tend to ramp up a bit whenever Halloween comes,” she said.

When she isn’t leading tours of haunted locations throughout the Queen City or helping a homeowner communicate with a ghost, she’s looking into the future and telling her customers what the future holds. She does readings in person, over the phone and even over email. She is able to answer most questions about a person’s relationships, career or health. She also performs Reiki healing, which includes the placement of hands over different areas of the body of a client, who usually benefits from calming and relaxing effects, she said.

However, she’s still often asked about ghosts — she’s often recruited to help identify them, figure out what they mean or try to figure out what they’re trying to tell us.