If you have been recently moved to our new email server there are some settings that may need to be changed on your email client (Outlook Express, Outlook, Thunderbird, etc..) You should have received an email prior to the migration if your password was going to change, hopefully you have recorded what your new password is going to be. If you are unsure you can try your old password and it may work, if not then please contact us.

Here the standard settings for our mail server:

User Name: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (replace with your email address)
Password: your password
Incoming (imap or pop) server: mail.yourdomainname.com
Authentication type: password (do not use SSL)
outgoing (smtp) server: mail.yourdomainname.com
outgoing port: 587
Authentication type: password (do not use SSL)

Some clients and mobile devices (Apple) require that you also put in your user name and password for outgoing server (smtp) authentication. These are the same settings as above - user name: (your email address) and password: (your password).


I have Outlook Express

I have Outlook (Office)

I have Windows Live Mail


For further support please contact us


The Computer Clinic
1 (306) 565-3336