Frequently Asked Question

Should I upgrade my computer's hardware?

Not to be wishy-washy, but the answer is definitely maybe. As software becomes more complex, you may need to upgrade some parts of your computer to make everything work. Here are some basic upgrades that we can do to improve your computer:

  • Increasing RAM (random access memory) reduces hard drive swapping, which hinders performance. Here are the memory requirments for each operating system:
    • Windows XP: minimum 1GB, 2GB preferred
    • Windows Media Center: minimum 1GB, 2GB preferred
    • Windows Vista: minimum 2GB, 4GB preferred
    • Windows 7 32/64: minimum 2GB, 4GB preferred
  • Increasing your hard drive size helps in two ways. First, your operating system will have more room for swap and temporary files. Second, you'll get quicker execution, especially with newer drives.
  • Upgrading your CPU (central processing unit) will give you faster execution of tasks and calculations. If your motherboard will allow, we can replace your CPU with a faster processor.