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We want to make your life easy. We have gone through the trouble of setting up every computer we sell and repair so it ready for you to turn on and use. There is no need to find anti-virus software and remove trial software. We have done it all.

Here are some of the things we are doing for you:

  • Remove trial anti-virus software (we don’t recommend Norton or McAfee, they are fine but not our first choice)

  • Remove other tool bars and junk software

  • Install Microsoft updates and fixes to help your computer remain secure and running great

  • Install a free anti-virus product ( Microsoft Security Essentials ), yes it is free and it works awesome

  • Install a free office suite. This free product ( Libre Office ) that we will install can do all of the same stuff as Microsoft Office and more… We can also install Microsoft Office for you if you have license for it or we can sell you one.

  • Install all the cool tools you need to browse the internet and remain productive:

If you need us to we will also copy your documents, pictures, music and other personal stuff back onto your new or rebuilt computer. Like I said we want to make it easy for you.

The bottom line is that we fix computers every day all day long. We know how to do it quickly. Let us help you so you can get onto more important things.