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1800 College Avenue Regina – Saskatchewan Ghost Reports

Currently (2011) this address is home to The Computer Clinic. It is a heritage building and originally the private residence of a local judge, and his family. Through the years it has served as a headquarters for the women’s suffrage movement, and as coffee house, and it was during this latter phase that rumours of

Everyone can see ghosts

This is Robyn Carissa’s busy season. While the Regina woman keeps busy throughout the year helping others find ghosts or talk with dead relatives, Halloween tends to kick-start thoughts of people and places with a paranormal theme, she said. “I work every day. But things tend to ramp up a bit whenever Halloween comes,” she

Regina’s most famous haunts

Article by Ashley Martin The Carillon Telling ghost stories has been a favourite pastime for generations. People find fun in scaring themselves and others, especially around Halloween. While it may be entertaining to scare, we have to wonder about the origins of the stories. Some may be purely fictional, but most are based on truth

Ghost Stories of Saskatchewan 3

1800 College Avenue There is a house on College Avenue in Regina that is nearing the one-century mark. Through the years, this architectural Arts and Crafts-style beauty has been home to at least two Regina families, not to mention a number of businesses. It’s also rumored to be the haunt of at least one ghost.